Driver Tuner Has Stopped Working

Driver Tuner

Hi I have a problem with the same Mousem/n: m-rbb93p/n: 852555-0000pid: lz645aa can't get my Bluetooth to establish a connection with the mouse, I have new batteries, it seems as if a red light is on. I tried to download the software to do this, but I think I have an error, when the right software can help me would be grateful, Ty. After a while, this mouse has just stopped working. If the green light next to the power passes to keep, you must get a new mouse. You * beep * because I have in fact and how it fits in the hand. - And I have the same problem. I have a wireless mouse and hook up to last night, no longer works. The Green led lights up, I changed the battery, reset button, everything has the system restore. It does not work. The USB slot that is located in the switch and runs for 30 seconds until the stop can. I need help fixing! There are no driver tuner has stopped working PN is a laptop mouse. . Hello Thewoog, sees the mouse has a hardware problem. Communicate with media support to the client (if possible, please give a mouse image). It is a small mouse ComPct, which is grey and has a small invisible look in the bottom of the mouse. There is a long, slender reset button and press a button-pop open the lid. On the cover that Logitech sys. I contacted customer support and got a response that tell me if it works on my computer. Respond with the requested information and not is responsible for anyone. I have this problem. I hate the keys!. Same problems. My mouse has worked for a few months and now it works fine most of the time, but then it crashes. Go to the site and sometimes shows. I don't know what could be the problem. I changed the battery several times, to make sure that the do is not the problem. M/n: M-R0012P/n 810-001493PID: LZ948B6 I use Windows. XP. .