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CETON-ceton technology the next generation of solutions for the entertainment and digital media at home. By combining the functionality of the software and stellar engineering equipment with market leading technology, is designed to unleash the potential of the ceton digital home. Sales in shops or markets?If you are a flea market trader has its own shop, offering the best products sold in great general good, cake candles and wooden panels, heated towel rail. Start with a look at this thread. You have the same device. /* Edit */FR General, click here for drivers for your system's manufacturer name driver page, my system system vendor search provider listed, click on your driver support site. Enter your model number and download the driver you need. (1) check out my post. Aside from the fact that you have the link driver, found in the old thread considered to find drivers from the manufacturer of your system? (2) and who is your provider, manufacturer/type of computer and version of Windows and the Service Pack level are you? What is the make and model of the TV tuner card installed? Visit the manufacturer of TV tuner for the driver card. It's up to you, but you don't have too much time on it, until I have the opportunity again. Tho not immediately would be this weekend. Allow a simple thing you can do is DriverMax attempting to identify and search for a driver. In addition, error suspect driver works still going strong on the site for this dish from Sony. (the additional card uses the driver tuner serial youtube same chassis driver Sony or HP. Probably the same driver. (certainly nothing, up to 100%)) But you're not the way some time to determine if it will fit in the files to install the driver. I found a driver, but I don't know how to install it. The image shows what is in the folder and open the first two things. The third won't open. There is none. Exe file that will be used. Ok. I think I found the driver itself, which you did. To find a good job. And, er, at the beginning of the SMRT driver INF file, where you can see, it's a Sony controller: approve:. In relation to traffic in the installation open the Device Manager. = > Find your voice with the icon in Device Manager yellow = > click the RT entry, choose to install = > where to apply? If you want to be: choose options that say that Windows should do anything and do everything else. Finally he answered the question what is the driver, go to the directory that you saved the drivers. Click and select the smrt. INF = > click OK or under or (what is needed). Ah. I see that it is only to be installed! Very well! : I understand everything GrinthumbYou. Try it. I think probably it will work, because it's the same or an award that we saw on the Sony website. Since all for the same device. (Tho Not check version numbers just to see what happens), but you should not try to place. Good luck!. Get complete access to the TechSpot community. Connect thousands of lovers of technology contribute and share knowledge in our forum. Get a private mailbox, upload your own photos and much more. .